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Meet the Doula

I am Kate. I am a woman. I am a mama. I am an educator. I am a server of women. I am a doula. After spending almost two decades as an educator and a professor of child development, and earning graduate degrees in child development, education, and psychology, I went into my labors feeling confident in my motherhood manuscript and my ability to author it. Yet, it was through my own four very different birth stories, I came to learn that birth is always written by the babes. Through my education, experiences, and specialized training, I look forward to supporting you as you draft your own birth story, and look for the love and lessons in how it unfolds. As your doula, I look forward to providing you with the educational, emotional, and physical support during your pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding to help you fall in love with your own individually authored birth story and find your own happily ever after.


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Doula Myths and Legends

For those of you who are a little more meat and potatoes and a little less granola and coconut milk, or just aren't as familiar with what a doula is, you might be surprised.

#1 Doulas deliver babies.

NOPE! In fact, they play zero, zip, nada role in medical decision making of any kind. In fact, they play zero, zip, nada role in decision making...period. Instead, they work hard to support mamas in their own decision making, as well as their medical teams, and help them emotionally and physically through the decisions they make, or in the outcomes that the wild world of birth takes them through.

#2 Doulas are anti-intervention, anti-medicine, anti-everything...except granola and coconut oil.

NOPE! They are simply pro-mamas. They support mamas where they are, with what they want, through emotional, physical, and informational support of mama's choosing, and work with support teams and families to create positive environments and outcomes for everyone. Seriously.

#3 Doulas can only provide support to mamas choosing natural births.

NOPE! Doulas support woman through planned and unplanned cesarean births, planned and unplanned medicated births, and births of every kind. Doulas support women. Period. They also support woman prior to babies arrival and with settling in at home, including breastfeeding support. 

#4 Doulas come with an agenda.

NOPE! Doulas come in open to your agenda and support you through your plans, even when things don't go as planned (because they rarely do).

#5 Doulas are just birthing coaches, like my friend or partner.

SORT OF! A trained and educated birth best friend and partner to you and your entire family, allowing your partner to be free to fully engage in their birth experience with you. A doula’s specific role and responsibilities are written by you, and change with each individual birth. These include meetings during your pregnancy to help you determine your birth wishes, answer questions, and help you prepare for your baby's arrival.  This also includes availability 24/7 for questions, concerns, and curiosities, and providing you with an abundance of resources and a network of professionals in your area. During labor, I provide trained emotional and physical supports for the family, helping to support you and your birth wishes, and can adapt quickly to the emerging needs of mama and baby. Once home, I can support you in establishing breastfeeding and support you with questions and concerns. 

#6 Doulas don't really help. 

You can be the judge of that.

Research shows doula supported births are associated with:

50% reduction in cesarean rate

25% shorter labor

60% reduction in epidural request

40% reduction in pitocin use

30% reduction forceps delivery


"When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen."  - unknown




"We will be recommending you to every pregnant lady I know. You have had such a positive impact on my pregnancy and we are forever indebted to you. You are officially part of our family now."

S & L

"Kate went above and beyond for my husband, my son, and myself. She had a tremendously positive impact on my pregnancy, and I would not have had as successful of a pregnancy without her."


"You are amazing! I don't even know what we would do without you."




Long Beach, CA

(562) 537-1509



(562) 537-1509


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